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With our expert experiences throughout our gambling career, we happen to know what games offer greater odds and increase our probability to win larger amount of money, as we’ve won multiple, I’m going to say it again, MULTIPLE times of big wins!

Ricky Martin Belezea

Content Creator

I was a pro level casino lover back in my 20s ever since I graduated from college and moved to Vegas for 8 years. I then took my challenges from local casinos to online casino that offers legit and real money so I could up my games anywhere in the world. After 5 years of leveraging and wins, I figured some tips and tricks that eventually increases my winning rate and it was a great time to move to the Philippines for life enjoyment with some recreational playing time, while creating content on my personal experiences and result of my secret experiments. 

Amy Santos

Content Creator

I met Ricky at Manila about 4 years ago, while we share common interests on Casino games online. We started working together on some of the content on the internet teach people the long term strategies on winning and being able to beat the system to increase our winning odds. We did just that! With the feedbacks we had from our students and clients, we thought it’d be a great idea to share our mentalities and concepts on real strategies that’s been proven by us. 


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